5th Grade Lessons

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Body Systems:

comparing the circulatory, repiratory, muscular and skeletal

Native Americans

  • Question: Why was the culture of Native American tribes different?
  • Resource

Healthy Eating and Graphs

Day 1
  • Read the CDC health results in Notebook and discuss as a class
    • How did they get those statistics? (survey, questions)
    • What questions did they ask to get those results?
  • Students will review resources and statistics and think about what questions would have been on the survey to get those results.
  • Tell students they will be coming up with a survey question about nutrition or health.
  • Show the students a vague survey question and let them help you make it a better question. (add measurments)
  • With a partner discuss survey questions that could be asked about nutrition. (Hand up , Stand up Pair up)
  • Students will create a survey, talley sheet in Word with survey question. Model how to create a table for the survey.
  • Students will conduct the survey before next week.
  • Survey and tallies to be turned in next week.
Day 2
  • (Have survey results for those students to use who do not return their survey filled out.)
  • Model how to put survey results in Excel and create a bar, pie and line graph.
  • Create a graph in Excel showing survey results
Day 3
  • Student share the graph they think shows their data the best.
    • Bar--comparison
    • Pie--whole group
    • Line--over time
  • Reveiw titles and X and Y axis lables to see if they could be more clear.