The name "wiki" is the Hawaiian word for "quick", and the name of the rapid bus service between terminals at Honolulu International Airport. A wiki can be used as a webpage where text, pictures and documents can be added. A wiki is also a place multiple people can edit a document and store and share data.

This page is to give the basics of using a wiki to make a web page in Wikispaces.

Working with Wiki's Tutorial Videos

Wiki Tutorial Getting started
Upload files and images or Insert an Image
Edit a Page
Link Text to a Website
Link Image to a Website
Create a New Page
Embed a Video
Insert a Table
Creating Tags
Changing a Newsletter as an Image

  • Begin a new wiki

  • Creating pages

    • Action tab on the left, top navigation
    • Click on "New Page"
    • Give the page a name
    • Click on Save
    • Or, See Edit Navigation
  • Edit pages

    • Click on white box at the top that says "Edit this Page"
      • If you try to type and you can't it is because you are in the "view" mode and not the "edit" mode.
    • Always Save after making changes
    • Every time you save you will need to click on "Edit this Page" again.
    • Create a navigation link for that page (see next part)
  • Edit navigation

    • After creating a page click on "edit navigation" at the bottom of Navigation bar on right side.
    • In the white text box you need to type the name of the page.
    • Highlight the name of the page.
    • Click on link icon on the tool bar (looks like a world with a link on top)
    • Link is a "wiki link" and select the page name from the drop down menu
    • Click "okay"

  • Inserting picture and files

    • On the toolbar, click on the icon of the picture of a tree.
      • This is used to upload pictures and files.
    • Click on browse to load a picture from your files.
    • Go to where the picture is (Desktop, flashdrive, CD, My Documents, etc)
    • Then upload the picture.
    • When the picture is uploaded, drag and drop it onto the page where you want it. Or, double clicking on a picture will insert it in "real" size.
    • To delete a picture from your files: See "Manage Space" below.
  • Inserting hyperlink to outside website

    • Type in the words you want to link to.
    • Highlight the words with your curser
    • Click on the hyperlink icon
  • Inserting Videos (YouTube)

    • In a new Internet window or tab, open YouTube (or video site) and find the video
    • Somewhere near the video it will say "embed" or "embedded"
    • Highlight the long html code and right click "copy"
    • In your wiki:
    • Click on the picture of the TV
    • Click on Video
    • Choose the type of video (YouTube, Teacher Tube) Notice all the choices---check out some of those video sites!
    • Put your curser where it says "embed" and right click and "paste"
    • NOTE: Remember that you can't see the video until you Save and are in "view" mode.
    • NOTE #2: When you click on the picture of the TV "Insert Widget" the directions are there for you also.
  • Manage Space--link is at the top

    • List pages: shows list of all the pages you have created. You can delete pages from here.
    • List files: shows all the files and pictures you have uploaded. Here is where you can delete files so you don't use up all your space.
    • Look and feel---change theme, background colors and upload the corner logo picture.
    • Domain Name-- here you can change your URL to your wiki. You can change it once every 30 days.

Wiki Resources