Around the World Lesson Plan

Culture Lesson plan

Day 1

  • Sit class in floor.
  • Show Greece pictures in Google earth.
  • Model reading information about location on website Greek Culture

Day 2

  • Ask students, "How do different cultures meet their needs in different ways?" "How does Greece meet their needs different than the US or Missouri?" What is culture? Guiding questions.
  • Ask, "What would we need to know about Greece to understand its culture better?" (food, clothing, free time, cities, houses, location, schools, economy/jobs)
  • Assign each group/pair a topic and if they are modern or ancient. (May need to use topics more than once)
  • Look at: A day in a boys life
  • Each partner write 2-3 questions and begin research


Modern Greece

Ancient Greece

Day 3

  • Begin Ppt
  • 1 slide each